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Loves Diet Coke, puppies, tacos, and my boyfriend.

We maybe could be friends.

Deep down, no matter what face we present to the world, no matter what pain we’re hiding, no matter what struggle we’ve been through, we know our worth. We know what we’re capable of. We know who we are, who we’ll always be. And we have a choice. We can hide in the shadows or we can stand in the light.

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There can be beauty in getting lost. Sometimes, we have to get lost to find each other. And sometimes, we find each other, only to get lost all over again. We can’t always control it, the things that will set you adrift. And as you stand there on your front porch, staring at the life you’re about to leave behind, you have to accept it’s gone, it’s lost — just like you. All you can do now is stand very still, breathe in the moment, and try to be open to wherever the wind is going to take you next.

—Meredith Grey (via everything-greys)

Kelvin Benjamin is easily becoming my favorite Panther. Best draft pick I’ve ever made.

make me choose | meredith/derek or callie/arizona
"We can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart"

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